Things to Do
Things to do in Malaysia
Awesome Free Things to Do in Malaysia
We all love free things, don't we? And if we get to do these free things while visiting one of the best destinations in...
Summer Attractions Malaysia
Summer Attractions of Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. It strikes the perfect balance between amazing natural and human-made attractions. Malaysia's...
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Malaysia Festival
Enjoy the Wonderful Festivals and Public Holidays in Malaysia
Malaysia is a lovely tourist destination that is still gaining prominence in world tourism ever since its inception in 1963. Experience the heart of...
Exciting Luxury Staycation Deals
Top Kid-Friendly Hotels to Stay on a Malaysian Holiday
Kingdom Room
Malaysia is a delightful destination for family holidaymakers. Teeming with impressive cities, idyllic beaches, nature reserves, and theme parks, the destination offers something exciting...
10 Best Malaysia Beach Resorts For a Luxurious Stay
Four Seasons Resort
They say that the best of Malaysian beaches and sunset points are occupied with high-end resorts and their expensive services. True. But if you...