Guest Post Submission

Guest Post Submission

Submit a Guest Post Malaysia Travel Blog

Consider posting a guest article if you wish to share your travel experiences!

Learn what to write about and how to get your travel guest posts authorized on MalaysiaWikia by reading this mini-guide.

Tips to Submit a Travel Blog Article on MalaysiaWikia?

Hello, travelers and travel writers!

Have you returned from your trip with happy memories, mixed feelings, gigabytes of images, and greater information about the country, its people, and its culture?

You are welcome to write a guest post about your experience and submit it to our website! We enjoy providing informative and interesting articles to our readers!

What is the significance of guest posts?

By posting guest articles, you can obtain free visibility, interact with a large audience, share your experiences and abilities, offer advice to other travelers, and receive comments. A well-read blog will mention your website, blog, or social network and provide a link to it.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines – Write for Us :

Criteria for guest contributions to MalaysiaWikia’s travel section.

Contributions from guests that encourage tourism and assist the audience are always appreciated.

The following are the guidelines for guest postings on this website: A high-quality guest post is a well-written, first-person piece on the main topic.

  • It may be an account of a vacation you took to Malaysia.
  • The article must be unique; it cannot have already been published online.
  • MalaysiaWikia does not permit duplicate content.
  • All MalaysiaWikia posts must be original works that have not been (or will not be) published elsewhere.
  • The article should be around 1000 words long.
  • Use subheadings and divisions to carefully organize the material
  • Send us only unique, high-quality images; they must be original and not previously published online (or ever in the future). The recommended image size is 1000 by 700 pixels.
  • Try to arrange your images in chronological order so that you can tell a story with them. Even if the reader is unable to read the entire text, the graphics will help him grasp your journey.
  • Please submit a guest post via Google Docs.
  • MalaysiaWikia has the right to make any changes to submitted guest entries. The language must be modified for SEO, consistency, and clarity, as well as the proper affiliate links placed.
  • MalaysiaWikia does not provide or accept ownership of copyright; it simply preserves publishing rights.
  • Only fellow bloggers and travelers will be allowed to post as guests.
  • Each post will include a blogger bio and a link to your website.

Several ideas for Malaysia travel guest blogs:

Travel independently across Malaysia.

Provide information regarding your trip, such as where you went, how you got there, where you slept the night, the total cost, where you ate, what you would recommend others to try, the different sights you saw, what you admired most and why, what you did not like, how safe it is to visit, and so on.

Routes and road excursions:

Practical postings include how to get a Malaysian visa, the total travel cost, total people in the group, the most ideal time to visit, and how to save money by exchanging insights.

  • Traveling with children
  • Unusual sites and attractive attractions
  • Alternatives to travel
  • Volunteering
  • Foreign language instruction
  • Relocating to a brand-new Malaysia
  • Digital nomads
  • Remote work and digital nomadism
  • Digital exposure
  • Travel trends
  • The social
  • Food
  • Customs and traditions
  • Festivals and holidays
  • Tourism as a change agent

How to submit your Guest Post on Malaysiawikia?

If you plan to contribute a guest travel article to MalaysiaWikia, kindly get in touch with us at

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