How Dunkin’ Donuts Has Succeed in Malaysia

How Dunkin’ Donuts Has Succeed in Malaysia

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Dunkin Donuts is perhaps the world’s largest chain of restaurants serving baked food items and beverages. The success of Dunkin donuts can be attributed to the high quality of the products they serve. The first Dunkin Donuts store was opened back in 1950. We can safely say that Dunkin Donuts has worked hard and long enough to emerge as the market leader in this segment of restaurants. These days the company is pushing hard to realign itself as a beverage selling store but the donut is still the staple of their business. Wherever Dunkin Donuts goes, success follows.

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Today it is the most popular baked food restaurant in entire Malaysia. In this article, we will discuss what makes Dunkin Donuts so special and why it has become an instant hit in Malaysia.


The ambiance of a restaurant plays a keen role in its success. Sometimes people visit a restaurant just because they like its ambiance. Dunkin Donuts made sure that their ambiance feels inviting and welcoming. The theme of the restaurant design is undoubtedly modern with the use of bright colors. They also pay special attention and make sure that the same ambiance is replicated exactly in each and every Dunkin Donuts restaurant.

No matter which store you visit, you will find that the ambience and feel of the restaurant are exactly the same.

Friendly Staff

No one wants to have their lunch and dinner served by rude people. Now, this is a piece of common knowledge and most of the restaurant operators know this well. But not everybody takes the right and necessary action in this direction. Dunkin’ donuts staff is not just friendly but super customer friendly. They are willing to help you out with almost everything.

If you are someone who is visiting the store for the first time and you are not familiar with their products then no problem. Someone from the staff will come to you and help you in placing your order. It happened with a friend of ours. She had no idea what to eat and a staff member came to her, asked what kind of food she likes, what are her preferences, what kind of chocolates and cakes she prefer and helped her in placing the right order. She enjoyed both the food and the experience of being at a Dunkin’ Donuts store. The staff members are well trained to make the customers comfortable.

Quick Service

Most of us have been to restaurants where we order our food and then wait for a long time for our food to arrive. Eating at such restaurants is frustrating and sometimes it happens that as your order arrives, you simply don’t want to eat it anymore. Well, you won’t have any such issues at Dunkin Donuts. The company actually markets itself as a quick-service restaurant.

If you don’t even want to waste a single second waiting then you can simply download their app and order your favourite donut and coffee online. By the time you reach the store, they will have your donut and coffee ready for you. They can even deliver to your address. Dunkin Donuts delivery via FoodPanda Malaysia is never late and calling is always minimal.

Quality Food

Donuts-Quality Food

You will have a hard time finding a restaurant that serves better donuts than Dunkin Donuts.

They are a world leader in this segment for a reason. People from all age groups love eating their donuts. The variety of donuts is also a plus point. For kids, they have a special collection of donuts.  They serve a total of ten different kinds of beverages.