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Top places to visit in a day on your Malaysia trip
Kuala Lumpur is a quick transit destination for many visitors traveling to other parts of the world. Many travelers directly head to the malls,...
Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia Image
Langkawi: Top exotic indulgences of Malaysia
Langkawi is one of the tourist hotspots in Malaysia due to its natural landscapes, iconic structures, vibrant nightlife, excellent water sports opportunities, and expansive...
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8 Best Places to Eat in Kuala Lumpur
Place the napkin and aim your forks because you are going to sit down in the most exquisite restaurants and gobble some amazing dishes...
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Solo Travel to Malaysia- Tips, activities and insights!
Malaysia is a wonderful country that boasts cultural variation, preaches long-standing tradition, tricks with unpredictable weather and prides over one-of-a-kind wildlife and rainforests. Exploring...
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The modern times have bought out a whole new list of dating apps, but somehow finding true love or even a date is a...