10 Dreamy Malaysia Beach Resorts That Allure With Their Beauty

10 Dreamy Malaysia Beach Resorts That Allure With Their Beauty

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Four Seasons Resort

They say that the best of Malaysian beaches and sunset points are occupied with high-end resorts and their expensive services. True. But if you can afford it, you’ll be enjoying Malaysia like no one else. The luxurious establishments not only give you the best comfort after a day full of adventure, beach sports and enjoyment but also a taste of imperial hospitality, exclusively available for a chosen few.

Spacious all-inclusive suites, or the the open air villas; Malaysia has some of the best Asian beach resorts to enjoy your vacation. Here’s a list of 10 best resorts selected for this year.

1. Pangkor Laut Resort, Perak


Giving two million old rainforests and a property of 300 acres as a personal playground to its guests, the Pangkor Laut resort takes luxury to a completely different level with its exclusive villas and suites. The resort offers a choice of over 140 luxurious villas divided in three irresistible categories of sea villa, hill villa and sea view villa. Once you’re at the Pangkor Laur resort, there’s nothing much you’ll be needing from the outside world anyways.

2. Bunga raya resort and Spa, Kota Kinablu


If seclusion is what you’re seeking on your trip to Malaysia, Bunga raya resort and spa is a great option. Built on a secluded location, Bunga Raya offers the perfect blend of isolation and connectivity through its proximity to the city of Kota Kinablu. You can unwind and disconnect staying here, while not completely shunning the world. The entire resort features Borneo architectural style of timbered construction and faces the mesmerizing South China sea.

3. The Westin Langkawi resort and Spa, Langkawi


Boasting of its own private beach, the Westin Langkawi is your best chance of enjoying a private retreat with tastefully designed rooms that are meant to offer you a sense of fulfillment. The resort might not really be for the ones looking for seclusion from the world but definitely for the ones expecting to see the best of the island and enjoy a relaxed time vacationing.

4. Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort

shangri la rasa ria resort
shangri la rasa ria resort

For those in love with the rich bio diversity, greenery, white sandy beaches, and rainforests of Malaysia, landing at the Kinta Kinabalu airport and heading straight for the Shangri-La Rasa ria resort seems to be an obvious choice. The resort has it all- the best of aristocratic comfort, a three-kilometer-long beach stretch, resort’s very own 64 acre of virgin natural reserve, and the best almost every amenity that helps you relax, unwind and enjoy the adventure of the island of Kinta Kinablu.

5. Four Seasons Resort

The name says it all. Four Seasons is known for its impeccable hospitality and comfort. The Four Seasons resort at the Tanjung Rhu boasts of serene view of the gorgeous Andaman sea and the amazing sunset. The entire resort is designed with an inspired fusion of the traditional Malaysian architecture and the modern outlook of extravagance. Oversized day beds on the patio of villas overlooking the sea is what allows you to completely unwind from the worries of the world.

6. Gayana Eco Resort

gayana eco resort
gayana eco resort

Have a thing for greenery? Book your next stay at the Gayana Eco resort. Located on the coral reef edge, the resort offers exceptional insight to the natural beauty and wonders of the island as it doubles up as a Marine Ecology Research Centre as well. Spot the amazing butterflies on a kayaking trail around the jungle edges, and swim in the vast expanse of sea before coming back to the comfort of the five star luxurious resort rooms to shed the weight of the world.

7. Camero Highlands resort

Cameron-Highlands-resortLocated pretty close to the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, the Cameron Highlands resort is the best answer to beat the city traffic and relax in the calm green landscapes of the Cameron highlands. See the rolling landscapes of the tea plantations from your room and enjoy the English tea served with an immaculate hospitality. Colonial designed architecture and peaceful rooms designed to soothe your senses, the Cameron Highlands resorts is made for the calming effect.

8. Tanjong Jara resort

tanjong jara resort
tanjong jara resort

Located on the northern tip of the amazing Langkawi island, Tanjong Jara resort is the only resort in the area thus ensuring that the entire mesmerizing landscape is exclusively for its guests. While at the resort enjoy the best centuries old landscape and a view of uninhabited islands along with the luxury of the enchanting sea view and mesmerizing garden.

9. The Majestic Malacca


Malacca is famous for its neon-lit nightlife, and the best way to enjoy its exciting beauty and thump is with the comfort of Majestic Malacca. The hotel is built in the early 1920s and the rooms still relive the old fashioned style while ensuring your comfort is celebrated. The majestic Malacca is the best way to ensure that you enjoy the connoisseur of the most beautiful islandic landscape and excitement of the Malaccan revelries.

10. The Danna Langkawi

the danna langkawi
the danna langkawi

A perfect mid resting spot between the amazing emerald hills and olive waters, the Danna Langkawi allows you to amble down the white sandy beaches from the comfort of your luxurious suites. The 3 tier swimming pools and the poolside restaurants offer the best laze around opportunities while inside the resort. At the beach guests can enjoy special beach sport activities such as snorkeling and diving etc.

It doesn’t take much of a persuasion for anyone to visit the islandic beauty of Malaysia anyways, and when it is coupled up with the luxury of the best resorts of the country, the excitement is unmatched. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to Malaysia and stay at these resorts today!