Top Five Festivals in Malaysia Celebrated with Pomp and Glamour

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Malaysia has a tagline Truly Asia, and there is a reason why it is termed as. The diverse Malaysian population comes from different ethnicities who live together in peace and harmony. As several religions and cultures practice their traditions and festivals, the spirit of Malaysia as a diverse country comes to life. There are several religious and cultural festivals celebrated by the Malaysian population irrespective of their ethnicity. The Malaysian calendar is decorated with several festivals; we bring to you the top five highly celebrated festivals in Malaysia.

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Celebrate the spirit of love and belief with Chap Goh Mei

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The modern times have bought out a whole new list of dating apps, but somehow finding true love or even a date is a daunting task for the younger generation. Before the dating apps became a routine, the people used creative ideas through rich cultural traditions to fulfill their romantic aspirations. On the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, unmarried maidens gather on the beach following an ancient matchmaking tradition of throwing oranges into the river.  This age-old and unique tradition promises these young maidens a loving and caring spouse. You would be surprised to know that this tradition is practiced even today as one of the most popular Malaysian festivals in smaller towns.

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