Top places to visit in a day on your Malaysia trip

Kuala Lumpur is a quick transit destination for many visitors traveling to other parts of the world. Many travelers directly head to the malls, but often miss out on the top notch attractions of the city. There are so many beautiful things to do in Malaysia that it often surprises visitors with its varied diversity. If you are in a similar situation where you have only a day to capture the best of Malaysia, then this article would be a great benefit for you. Kuala Lumpur is home to iconic structures like Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL Towers, vibrant flea markets, expansive shopping malls, excellent dining restaurants serving both local and international cuisine, flashy night markets, superb theme parks, and active nightlife hotspots. Reading through this article provides a glimpse of what Malaysia is really about and the offerings of this fabulous city.

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Langkawi: Top exotic indulgences of Malaysia

Langkawi Image

Langkawi is one of the tourist hotspots in Malaysia due to its natural landscapes, iconic structures, vibrant nightlife, excellent water sports opportunities, and expansive lush green parks. They continue to woo the audience no matter if they are first-time visitors or experienced tourists. There are so many places to visit in Langkawi that it will tough to quote them all in one article. Langkawi Island is one of the famous beach destinations of Malaysia with plenty of activities to indulge in like cheap shopping and water sports.

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Top Five Festivals in Malaysia Celebrated with Pomp and Glamour

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Malaysia has a tagline Truly Asia, and there is a reason why it is termed as. The diverse Malaysian population comes from different ethnicities who live together in peace and harmony. As several religions and cultures practice their traditions and festivals, the spirit of Malaysia as a diverse country comes to life. There are several religious and cultural festivals celebrated by the Malaysian population irrespective of their ethnicity. The Malaysian calendar is decorated with several festivals; we bring to you the top five highly celebrated festivals in Malaysia.

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Top 10 Attractions of Johor Bahru Malaysia


Placed on the southern end of the Malaysian peninsula towards Singapore, travelers often skip this beautiful destination while going to Singapore or entering Malaysia from Singapore. This destination has its charm and elegance that is vying for attention from travelers all across the world. We bring you some top things to do in Johor Bahru that will help you uncover the hidden secrets of this beautiful destination.

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Celebrate the spirit of love and belief with Chap Goh Mei

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The modern times have bought out a whole new list of dating apps, but somehow finding true love or even a date is a daunting task for the younger generation. Before the dating apps became a routine, the people used creative ideas through rich cultural traditions to fulfill their romantic aspirations. On the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, unmarried maidens gather on the beach following an ancient matchmaking tradition of throwing oranges into the river.  This age-old and unique tradition promises these young maidens a loving and caring spouse. You would be surprised to know that this tradition is practiced even today as one of the most popular Malaysian festivals in smaller towns.

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Top Ten Malaysian Travel Bloggers Who have Redesigned the Travel World

Top Ten Malaysian Travel Bloggers Image

We look forward to inspiring or live our dreams through the travel experiences of others who have gone through the phases. Travel bloggers provide more in-depth insight and useful tips on traveling. We have listed the Top Ten Malaysian Travel Bloggers who have created a name for themselves in the travel world by sharing their own experiences for people to enjoy. They are not listed in the order of importance.

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Refresh yourself with the top Malaysia Beach Resorts



If you are looking for a relaxing stay at one of the beachside resorts, then the beach resorts of Malaysia offers a beautiful environment for all the water babies out there. A genuinely exclusive retreat in one of these resorts gives you the extreme sense of luxury and comfort. Add to that some scenic views and exhilarating natural vistas, you have got a mesmerizing ambiance to spend a beautiful weekend.

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Everything you need to know about Malaysia Tourist visa

Planning a tropical Asian getaway? Undoubtedly Malaysia must have crossed your mind while holiday planning. A top contender in most favoured Asian holiday destinations, this charming country enriched in a splendid combination of experiences comprises of dramatic cities teeming with fantastic attractions, landscapes shrouded in verdant rainforests, pristine highlands, gorgeous beaches and of course a heady fusion of multiethnic flavors and aromas to indulge in. This Asian destination‘s charisma, composer, zeal, and thrill offers moments that suit one and all. Be it a family holiday, a romantic getaway or adventure expeditions, Malaysia certainly knows how to make its guests happy. But before you get busy chalking out what to do, see and eat in Malaysia, there is something far more important to focus on to make sure your Malaysia journey starts out smoothly. One of the most significant essentials needed for a Malaysia visit is a Malaysia visa.  Anyone traveling to Malaysia requires a valid Malaysia Tourist visa to enter into Malaysia except citizens of certain countries. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what you need to know about Malaysia travel visa.  » Read more

Georgetown – A Malaysian city with a dash of European flair

Kek Lok Si temple Penang

Malaysia is a land of many cultures, mostly Asian influenced. You can find Malay, Indian and Chinese essence in the surroundings sightseeing, local etiquettes, and cuisine. But there is a place that lets you get a glimpse of European times during Malaysia’s early days in harmony with the Asian feel. Set on the western side of Malaysia is Penang Island. The island has lots to offer from a tourist point of interest, mainly its capital city – Georgetown. The moment you arrive here, you feel as if you have stepped back into Malaysia’s past years. Georgetown was one of British Rule’s earliest colonial settlements in Malaysia. This has left a lasting impression on the township’s settings even after its independence from the British rule. Its well-maintained historic significance has earned it a tag of ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. Here are some fascinating insights about this quaint township in Penang Island – » Read more

12 Places You Must See in Malaysia

Kek Lok Si temple Penang

Malaysia is a phenomenal country that has modern, well-developed cities and is yet close to nature. The country can be clearly divided into two sections namely, the Peninsula and Borneo. While the Peninsula includes the capital Kuala Lumpur, colonial towns and other modern cities, Borneo ensures that Malaysia preserves its natural beauty with its lush forests, mountains and granite peaks. As Malaysia offers the perfect combination of both these worlds, it is one of the top destinations for people all around the world. While there are several amazing places that Malaysia has on offer for its tourists and locals, we present 12 Malaysia attractions that you must see.
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