Celebrate the spirit of love and belief with Chap Goh Mei

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The modern times have bought out a whole new list of dating apps, but somehow finding true love or even a date is a daunting task for the younger generation. Before the dating apps became a routine, the people used creative ideas through rich cultural traditions to fulfill their romantic aspirations. On the fifteenth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, unmarried maidens gather on the beach following an ancient matchmaking tradition of throwing oranges into the river.  This age-old and unique tradition promises these young maidens a loving and caring spouse. You would be surprised to know that this tradition is practiced even today as one of the most popular Malaysian festivals in smaller towns.

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Top Ten Malaysian Travel Bloggers Who have Redesigned the Travel World

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We look forward to inspiring or live our dreams through the travel experiences of others who have gone through the phases. Travel bloggers provide more in-depth insight and useful tips on traveling. We have listed the Top Ten Malaysian Travel Bloggers who have created a name for themselves in the travel world by sharing their own experiences for people to enjoy. They are not listed in the order of importance.

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Refresh yourself with the top Malaysia Beach Resorts



If you are looking for a relaxing stay at one of the beachside resorts, then the beach resorts of Malaysia offers a beautiful environment for all the water babies out there. A genuinely exclusive retreat in one of these resorts gives you the extreme sense of luxury and comfort. Add to that some scenic views and exhilarating natural vistas, you have got a mesmerizing ambiance to spend a beautiful weekend.

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Top Five Romantic Getaways in Malaysia this Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and if you are looking forward to setting a perfect romantic getaway for your partner, you don’t need to see beyond Malaysia. Malaysia offers an incredible collection of attractions and romantic spots that would give you the much-needed privacy and quality downtime together. We have listed some of our top picks for the most romantic getaways in Malaysia that you should visit this Valentine. » Read more

Everything you need to know about Malaysia Tourist visa

Planning a tropical Asian getaway? Undoubtedly Malaysia must have crossed your mind while holiday planning. A top contender in most favoured Asian holiday destinations, this charming country enriched in a splendid combination of experiences comprises of dramatic cities teeming with fantastic attractions, landscapes shrouded in verdant rainforests, pristine highlands, gorgeous beaches and of course a heady fusion of multiethnic flavors and aromas to indulge in. This Asian destination‘s charisma, composer, zeal, and thrill offers moments that suit one and all. Be it a family holiday, a romantic getaway or adventure expeditions, Malaysia certainly knows how to make its guests happy. But before you get busy chalking out what to do, see and eat in Malaysia, there is something far more important to focus on to make sure your Malaysia journey starts out smoothly. One of the most significant essentials needed for a Malaysia visit is a Malaysia visa.  Anyone traveling to Malaysia requires a valid Malaysia Tourist visa to enter into Malaysia except citizens of certain countries. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what you need to know about Malaysia travel visa.  » Read more

Georgetown – A Malaysian city with a dash of European flair

Kek Lok Si temple Penang

Malaysia is a land of many cultures, mostly Asian influenced. You can find Malay, Indian and Chinese essence in the surroundings sightseeing, local etiquettes, and cuisine. But there is a place that lets you get a glimpse of European times during Malaysia’s early days in harmony with the Asian feel. Set on the western side of Malaysia is Penang Island. The island has lots to offer from a tourist point of interest, mainly its capital city – Georgetown. The moment you arrive here, you feel as if you have stepped back into Malaysia’s past years. Georgetown was one of British Rule’s earliest colonial settlements in Malaysia. This has left a lasting impression on the township’s settings even after its independence from the British rule. Its well-maintained historic significance has earned it a tag of ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. Here are some fascinating insights about this quaint township in Penang Island – » Read more

Top Kid Friendly Hotels to stay on a Malaysian Holiday

Malaysia is a delightful destination for family holidaymakers. Teeming with impressive cities, idyllic beaches, nature reserves, and theme parks, the destination offers something exciting that suits all age group. Planning a holiday in Malaysia is simple and easy while traveling with kids. There are loads of options to include in your travel itinerary. But when it comes to accommodations, it is a different story altogether. The anxiety of whether enough facilities will be available to keep the child comfortable becomes the point of stress. Malaysia being a family destination understands the importance of a kid friendly hotel concept. Here are some fantastic hotels that put together your child’s comfort, your satisfaction and excellent locations for a relaxed holiday.

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14 Malaysian Islands for Your Next Island Getaway

Mataking Island

Malaysia is a holiday destination beyond compare. It has everything. From bustling cities packed with attractions to secluded getaways, Malaysia rolls out the red carpet to make tourists feel special. Malaysia is also a great place for island getaways. The country is surrounded by a cluster of islands that are a part of Malaysia. Each island has something unique for holidayers that make them the perfect island getaways. Here are 14 of the best Malaysian islands that you can choose for your next island vacation.

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Alluring destinations to explore with friends in Malaysia

Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage, a wide variety of festivals, events, yummy delicacies, rural crafts, stunning landscape like gorgeous beaches & tropical rainforests, and traditional architecture. In addition, the national parks of Malaysia offer an ideal environment for wildlife watching, trekking, river rafting, and sometimes for cave exploration. After gaining independence in 1963, the country has undergone immense transformation is home to a very diverse population from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Even though the country follows Islam, all religions coexisting together harmoniously in peace. The population mostly comprises of the Chinese, Indian, Malay, and others. Malaysia is an exemplary example of being one of the most diverse countries in the world.

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Top exotic infinity pools in Malaysia

The infinity pools of Malaysia is a big relief from the hot tropical climate of Malaysia. A dip in the pool with verdant upland hillsides, towering cityscapes or tropical beaches in the backdrop can be enchanting and relaxing. These infinity pools are destinations in their own rights where guests and visitors can bring their family and friends along. The rooftop infinity pools in the beautiful resorts of Malaysia also give you a panoramic view of the city at a nominal price. Below are some of the handpicked top infinity pools in Malaysia which you should definitely give it a try.

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